Dr. Charbel Aoun

  • Holds a PhD in Public Law from Cergy - Pontoise University, Paris-Ile de France
  • University Professor in Notre Dame University
  • Attorney at Law and Legal Counselor
  • Has been part of many public activities and conferences
  • Author of several studies that manipulates legal matters, economics, and telecommunications

Mohamed Arabi

  • Masters Degree in Social Animation from the University of Saint-Joseph
  • Senior Social expert in Cultural Heritage Project Urban Development

Lama Diab

  • Bachelor degree in Social Science from the Lebanese University
  • Masters in Economic and Social Development

Lady Yvonne Sursock Cochrane

  • Founder of Association for the Protection of the Natural Sites and Ancient Buildings
  • Founding Member of “Association of Baalbeck Festival” (since 1966)
  • Vice-President of “Dar El Fan” committee

Riad Taljeh

  • Masters in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University
  • Engineering and Construction works