• MDA Lebanon Improving Municipal Work and Promoting Decentralization
  • MDA Lebanon Taking Care of Environment
  • MDA Lebanon Promoting Human and Local Development

What Is MDA, Anyway?

MDA, or Municipality Development Association, is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that cares about improving quality and relationship between the Lebanese or Arab citizen and his / her corresponding municipality.

What Are We Concerned With?

Developing the municipal performance is the ultimate goal of this organization. As our name suggests, we are concerned with municipal work and laws in the Arab region generally and in the Lebanese region specifically.

What Are Our Tools ?

A big part of what we do relies heavily on performing studies and conducting primary researches on a variety of municipality infrastructures including the social, economic, and even the administrative one. So, we feed on data.

Why Should We Matter?

MDA’s main themes could be divided into three distinct points: attaining a sustainable human development, promoting decentralization and sustainable local development, and finally improving the quality of life for citizens of Arab municipalities.