About Us


MDA logo between past and present


In 1994, after suspension of Municipal Elections during the war, a group of educated Lebanese citizens saw the need to establish an association that addresses the development of municipal work and updating the laws. In 27 march 1995, under the license number 53/AD, MDA was established. Lebanese citizens of different ages and religions joined MDA believing that successful work is achieved by participation of the whole civil society. MDA’s members include researchers and law specialists.


MDA’s principles are brief and are a strengthening basis to our Lebanese community:

  • MDA is an independent non lucrative NGO and non political goals.
  • The inhabitants of certain city are responsible of taking care of their environment and promoting human development in it.
  • MDA communicates and deals with other associations and/or governmental organizations in a democratic, civilized, and scientific manner.

Establishing Committee: الهيئة التأسيسيّة لهيئة دعم وتطوير العمل البلدي

-          Nabil Soubra

-          Paul Mearawi

-          Riad Talje

-          Zareh Pedrosian

-          Adnan Mikawi

-          Kamal Kazan

-          Mahmoud Jaroudi

-          Walid Al Ariss

General Committee: الهيئة العامّة لهيئة دعم وتطوير العمل البلدي

-          Hassana Fathallah Al Daouk

-          Hameed Tabshouri

-          Joseph Kfouri

-          Serge Sirof

-          Adnan Soubra

-          Lady Yvonne Sursock Cochrane

-          Dr. Ahmad Sinno

-          Jalal Bekdash

-          Khaled Daouk

-          Rachid Jalakh

-          Ramziya Rifai

-          Rola Moumneh

-          Riad Rifai

-          Abdul Rahman Dimashkiyeh

-          Dr. Nashat Mansour

-          Dr. Fouad Fakhoury

-          Dr. Gerard Tabourian

-          Gaby Boustros

-          Fouad AL Aoud

-          Philip Di Boustros

-          Mohammad Soubra

-          Dr. Mohammad Makki

-          Nayla Sahnaoui

-          Dr. Zulfikar Hashash

-          Wafika Soubra