“Citizen And Municipality” Seminar

Under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of Environment, Mr. Mohammad Al Mashnouk, Municipal Development Association was honored to invite you to participate in a specialized seminar entitled " Citizen and Municipality " (Application - Practice - Accountability).

This event stemmed from MDA's consideration of the necessity to inform the Lebanese public about the importance of the relationship between the citizen and the municipality he/she lives in.

The seminar was held on December 6th, 2014 at Movenpick Hotel. All Lebanese municipalities, representatives from some major cities and towns, chiefs of Law and Architecture syndicates, presidents of associations and nonprofit organizations, and some deputies of parliament were all invited to attend and participate.

0- Seminar Program

1- Nabil Soubra

2- Dr. Raymond Medlej

3- Rached Sarkis

4- General Marwan Charbel

5- Michel Akl

6- Dr. Nader Alghazal

7- Dr. Issam Atallah

8- Dr. Karam Karam

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