Lana Safatli

  • Masters in Mass Communication from University of Balamand
  • Minor in Business

Rached Sarkis

  • Civil Engineer from University Saint-Joseph
  • Practice for Engineering Consultancy

Maitre Alice Kayrouze Sleiman

  • Masters (DEA) in Public Law from Saint-Joseph University
  • Legal Advisor for the Central bank of Lebanon since 2000
  • Has several publications in regards to Human rights
  • Has been part of major social and judicial activities

MD Gerard Tabourian

  • Dental Surgeon graduated from University of Montreal (1963)
  • Member of the Board Beirut Governmental University Hospital
  • Former President of International College of Dentist’s (Middle East Section)

Hameed Tabshouri

  • Architecture from American University of Beirut
  • Owner of a private architecture company