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Municipal Development Association
In cooperation with Ministry of Education
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities

Civil Campaign for Administrative Decentralization
Municipalities and Schools
In Metn Region
For launching Civil Campaign about
“Administrative Decentralization and

Place: Hotel Al Bustan– Beit Mery

Time: Saturday 24th of November 2012 at 10:30 am.
Students Campaign about Administrative
Decentralization and Municipalities in
Metn Region

In private and public schools in
Metn Region

Social Awareness    

Municipality development Association is a non lucrative NGO specialized in Municipal work and laws in Lebanon and the Arab countries. It performs studies and researches on economic, social and administrative infrastructure of the municipalities aiming at enhancing the improving the municipal performance. MDA’s main themes/foci are attaining sustainable human development, promoting decentralization and improving the quality of living for citizens in Arab cities.

Running Events:

2012-2013: Organizing a student- based campaign, allowing grade 11 and grade 12 students from Metn's Public and Private Schools to participate in a competition about administrative decentralization and Municipalities. The competition is in cooperation with ministry of Education and High Education and with ministry of Interior. more...

MDA Plans

- Beirut's Student's Competition Awards Distribution 2011-2012 read more ...
- Preparing a better environmental and social model for Beirut's Sanayeh garden, made through its local citizens and frequent visitors.